There tends to be this false sense belonging. If you black you should be democrat. If you from the south you’re a racist republican. If you protest police you’re anti-cop. If you smoke weed you’re liberal hippie. If you’re conservative you hate innovation.

All of this is false. I am Black. I am currently a Republican. I enjoy change, but see things as they are. I believe the people have become weaker as they refuse to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs. That does not mean I am a war monger. I fought in two wars, but I understand my opponent; we’re just on different sides. I also know my opponent. They will do some shit we won’t. I want Black pride. As I research my various topics I discover I can still support my country while advocating for the advancement of my community within the confines of the Constitution. No need to overthrow, but to come with a reasonable plan that does not include torching banks and blocking traffic. I believe in what The Black Panther Party of Alabama did, some of what Huey Newton did, but not the violence of action. I think the message was either encoded or decoded incorrectly. I believe we need better education, but it starts with the parents educating themselves. 

I am extremely decisive and because there is so many people to address you must leave room for flexibility in any plan. I practice P.A.C.E. Primary. Alternate. Contingency. Emergency. I plan. I am also extremely passionate and it will take only verifiable facts for me to concur. Facts. Not press. Not the media narrative of an excerpt. Cold hard evidence. Unless we are talking theory. In theory, just make reasonable sense. In theory, we can talk all day. I never bite off more than I can chew and my opinions are that of my own. 

I am “The Ranting Tiger”. 🐅