Civil War II: Paris Accords

The Civil War started with states disagreeing with a newly elected President. In that case, it was President Lincoln. You can compare his popularity to today’s President Trump. Much of what we know of President Lincoln today, is based on hindsight, not in the moment. So, before you stop reading to rip me a new one, hear me out.

The formation of New York, California, and Washington eerily mirrors the same exact course of action that including, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, and others led to the start of the Civil War. Can you imagine what the news media was like then? I try, but can’t. However, I sense no one thought a war, the most deadliest in our history, would start over some slaves. Most of the country wanted President Breckinridge. You know, the popular vote. Due to a split, similar to that of Clinton and Sanders, the Democrats could not get either in. 

Thirty-nine percent of the vote went to Lincoln.  Breckinridge, a Southern Democrat, 18% and Douglas received 29%. To think, if, like today, the Democratic party had one representative who embodied the whole party, one of them would have been president.

Of course, slavery would had remained legal. So f*** that. Doesn’t work for me personally.

Insert climate change. History doesn’t repeat itself, the mistakes of leaders do however. Be wise in what you wish for. Of course, there was probably a guy like myself saying, “hey, you know, this can lead to Civil War if we don’t have a sensible conversation”. The people, on both sides, were most likely tickled by this assumption. They most likely said, there he goes with his conspiracy and long post about nothing. 

Still, some most likely entertained the idea as some sort of purification from an oppressive government anyway. Six hundred twenty-five thousand bloodlines were wiped away in four years. For many who oppose war to begin with, are mighty loose when the issue of war is in their backyard – until the issue of war is in their backyard. 

I hate to always be the voice of reason, a lie if I ever told one, but I represent the middle just right of center.


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