Black Men Nemesis

If being a black man was a cartoon comic, they would probably have more arch-nemesis than the X-Men and Batman combined.

To begin, let’s get the obvious out of the way. The criminal justice system is designed to punish black men worst for crimes other races commit as well. My bottom line is not to do the crime, but if we are looking at this with a critical eye, you must also say fairness should be across the board. It shouldn’t be based on the aggressive stance of a man, or the tattoos on his face, or the place where he pulls his pants up to. In fact, it should be based solely on the crime. Giving judges lead-way of 4 to 10 years for one crime or 25 to life for another, leaves too much to personal feelings when a sentence is handed down. In fact, it should be flat sentencing. Believe it or not, crimes do not vary. The mens rea, how it was carried out, and intent does vary. The crime one is being charged with does not. Case in point, you can be charged with first degree murder and receive 25 to life or the death penalty. In some cases, they give you the death penalty, after you served a certain amount of time. However, they have manslaughter for less intentional or heinous types of killing a human being. In other words, these are two separate crime. Each one carries a set length of time one must serve to pay his debt to society. This is what should be constant. You shouldn’t face a 5 to 7. You should do 5 or 7, and take the power away from the judge of giving longer sentences to black males. Justice still served, and fair.

Secondly, black women. Think of black women as Catwoman to Batman. Get it. If not you’re probably not a DC Comics fans. How about Mystique and Wolverine? No, whatever. Black woman have the ability to play the victim roll. Black women, also have issues with the justice system, but their alliance is formed when it comes to the issue of child support. The government takes about 35% to 38% of every check. Child support for one child is 17% for one in New York State. For two, 25%. Without stating the obvious of how can the second child survive on half of what the first cjild receives is beyond me, but it has become the ready safety net for a black woman when arguing, phone calls, getting him to stay home, begging, or anything else does not work. You will commonly see post looking for where all the good black men have gone. In jail woman, he can’t survive on $150 a month. Granted, he should have used a condom and should be providing for his child. If you made it to this sentence, good for you, because there are terrible men out there that wont support their children and a system to help those at-risk children is necessary. This is not for you. This is for the ones who collude with justice system when they cannot win the battle on their own. The battle is normally typical relationship nonsense that goes on with many couples of all races around the world. However, black women have become an arch-nemesis of black men who do do right. There are plenty of those men walking our streets, who may have nothing but will give their all to their child to make sure they are good.

Which brings us to the obvious next one; Police Officers. That’s right, unfortunately there is less chance of discipline with an incident involving black men than any other race. NYPD cannot harass disabled, Jews, or elderly. No cop scores points touching a woman. However, a black man is always fair game. Even with the bad press, it does little in swaying convictions and arraignments. Are all cops bad? HELL NO. There are so many reports and incidents of abuse of power, I can’t name each one and that’s unfortunate for our boys in blue. They have a tough job and for those that do the job right, salute to you and apologies if this in anyway offended you or your colleagues. But, if you know you are apart of the problem, this is for you and I do not apologize.

The last arch-nemesis, human resources. Human resources have found ways to identify black men in advance of requesting an interview. Of course, the numbers can be skewed, but a look at the unemployment rate of black men, the positions they fill in fortune 500 companies, and overall environment set for a black man in and work industry will show it is a hard ways to go to get promoted. 

Well, what are your thoughts? Remember, this is just logical ranting, I could be wrong. Unfortunately, chances are I am right.


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