America is built on migration. However, with all the new narratives 2017 has birthed, one narrative appears to be losing it momentum. That is the narrative of the struggles of African-Americans and the bill currently at the hill to grant reparations to descendants of slaves.

Must be nice to migrate to America and check the white box on job applications. ☕ Conveniently switching from foreigner to privileged with a pen. Do you though, but stop acting like you relate to the African-American struggle in America. If you’re fleeing to here, from all the way over there, where the hell do you think we’re going? Besides, I love it here, just sick of everyone bashing everything our government does when it affects them, but ignores it when it just bothers the niggers. Unbelievable, but anyway carrying on. 

Stereotypes have kept certain races valuable. Not one stereotype makes a Black man vauble unless it is music, basketball, or cheap prison labor.
How untrue is this photo? Very.

No I won’t carry on; you fly over 100 countries to get to this one. You travel through all those sharks to come here. Also, stereotypes have kept certain races valuable. Not one stereotype makes a Black man vauble unless it is music, basketball, or cheap prison labor. While owners of team rakes in billions, the average player makes less than .003333% of the owners income even with a 10 million dollar salary. 

What about Jews and holocaust you say? I say when Jews were going through genocide a world came together to stop it. When Blacks were going through genocide in America the world stood by idly 400 freaking years, and it took a President, needing more votes to pass bills in Congress, to free them; and even then they created Jim Crow, KKK, and only freed specific parishes. Compare that to the six years under Hitler. Jews received a state in 1948 by none other than the United States. Italians received the option to flee Mussolini. Blacks, oh they made freed slaves Americans to do the same job for  less than their white counte…I mean the white humans. Considering they didn’t classify Blacks as humans, only 3/5th human because the south, after they lost, wanted blacks to be counted for more representation in Congress. If they made them full humans they would have to give them rights.(see Civil Rights movement)

What I am saying is stop making it seem all oppression was equal. One oppression is worth than another and we need to understand that. Stop linking immigrant issues with racism against African-Americans. Truth is, every race has a thing against African-Americans, even the Africans and Jamaicans. Ask either one their thoughts of a “Yankee”, may not be racist but there is a sure disdain.

Name changing is also common practice. Regardless of what a Black persons name is, when they arrive with their full lips, melanin, and swagger, it will be undeniably a negro in the midst. If you truly want to relate to the black struggle, which I would ask why would you, you must first accept yourself outside of family reunions. 

This is nothing more than logical ranting about the world.


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