Alabama Looses Its Cotton-Picking Mind

Alabama just signed into law the Monument Protection Act upholding a 2007 bill.

Laws should not support the acts of treason. Too many are forgetting to put American interest first. 

The Confederacy lost the war and therefore should not receive protections from our legislation period and creating this bill should also be seen as criminal abuse of power for political gain. Basically call it administrative terrorism. 

I made that term up, but new acts of hate are created everyday. The law is intended to protect solely confederate history. I urge Alabama residents to implore their Senators and Congressman to fight the bill. Hopefully, it can be reviewed by Supreme Court and be found unconstitutional.

As a caveat, Alabama also passed a bill known as Definition of Moral Turpitude Act which allows prior felons to participate in elections again. This, according to the ALCU, will affect 8 percent of Alabama’s population. About 250,000!!!

Alabama, I understand the point of preserving history. I mean, it is not like you’re going to burn all the old slave farms because slaves worked them. I get it. However, the act of slavery is United States history; the history of the Confederacy is irrelevant and should not receive preference.


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