Veteran’s Affairs – Shame On You!!!


Based on the following photo

Article I read which inspired this entry.

This is the ranting tiger. My journalism isn’t always the most polished. Rest assured my views are. Consider the ranting tiger a conservative in the center but liberal on some issues that face our country and my community today.

Rather than leave you wondering what those may be, I thought I post my review of the news provided by Leo Shane III of the Military Times. I am so glad he brought this to the attention of the digital reader. This goes far into bridging the gap of young and old veterans. For too long, we have been separated by campaign names and forget one day we will be the old guys coming to the realization the Vveterans Affairs is still screwing soldiers and marines over when it comes to benefits.


This is unfair by all measures. The president increased your budget by 6% and now you want to cut benefits?

You should be adding benefits. We get that you feel you give enough. Not for one second did a veteran ever think about he gave enough. He went to war bitchin’, and came home bitchin’ how he miss it. I get it, you don’t want to just give every veteran a cool million. That would have saved the Government way more money in the long run. They wouldn’t have to hire doctors or operate hospitals. With a cool million and some guidance, every veteran could be doing some really cool things in their own community and making life great for their families. In compromise, I propose more education.


By education, I mean true commitment if the veteran shows commitment. A veteran taking the time to excel with great grades should be covered all the way through every degree.

If that is too much, let’s start with grad school coverage, since 4 year degrees are available to everyone for free now, a bachelors degree no longer makes veterans competitive with their peers. Veterans Affairs must allow veterans to be covered through a masters program. Their leadership potential is a threat in lower management in civilian structure. The best place for veterans are in upper levels due to their need to innovate. It stems from having to constantly make due with limited supplies during operations OCONUS. The constant need to create can only be maximized best in the right position in the work force.

I surely hope Veteran Affairs take this entry to heart and strongly consider the action.

Us army soldier confused
We need more advocates



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