Calexit: Not Likely

Spoke with some L.A. natives over the weekend. It was my goal to get their perspective on politics and not be succumbed to the narrative of mass media.

I am not going to write a long drawn out story to prove my point. Eveerything on this blog is first person account. If not, then I provide the place I received my account from. I am a real person, just like you. So no need to get all philosophical with some very ironic outlooks.

On Skid Row: Mexican stated “it’s bad over there, nothing but drugs and killing. They live in tents so they can stay off the grid. There are programs but they don’t want to be drug tested and home by 10 pm. The crime makes it bad for everyone. Plus, most of them are illegal. They don’t know what to do when they get here, so they become the gangs or suck into the streets or succumb to drugs. Work is hard to find, because they won’t get hired.” Well, they can’t if they are illegal no? I explained to him. “No they must do it right, like me and my family, it was long but see I drive you, no problem.”

On Gang Culture: Blood stated “My Og told me how they use to drop off crates of guns around the hood. When the beef would be squashed, police dressed up as the opposition and conduct drive-bys, causing the beef to stir up again.” But what he said next was the kicker.” The Big Homies were getting paid 20k to 50k USD to dead(bring peace) the beef. They are eating off peace.””The youngins don’t care though. They rather uzi a corner, but that gets innocent people killed. Anytime I had to do something, I walk up on them.” How about the wall? “Man Fuck that wall, I dont give a Fuck. The Mexicans don’t like no blacks no way so Fuck them. They (Mexicans) are ruthless. They will kill your whole family. They are ran organized though, they listen to one leader and you better conform. The jail runs the streets” I see you have a yamaka.(he was black) “Yea man I’m Jewish. These other religions on some get down or lay down shit and it should not be that” . He asked about the Muslim Ban. I said, “what Muslim Ban”. I then proceeded to share the link to the Executive Order in question. “Show me where it says Muslim Ban, it just gave an extreme vetting review from countries currently engaged in conflict.” He cited but Sudan. I asked him if he knows about a South Sudan. “No”. Well they recently had a Civil War, that’s why there are refugees”. He replied, “wow did not know that.” Didn’t think so, it is not reported on the news.

On Calexit: “We’re trying, God I hope it happens”. I asked about trips to Vegas being a visit to another country. “Yea that would be weird, but its cool ya know”. And then asked about the Civil War and exactly who will fight the war that will surely come following a state attempting to secede. “😗”. His face made me clarify, you do realize to get what you want you will have to go to war, and for the record 9 states tried, 500k died in the process, and they still didn’t get their country, thoughts. “Yea, well hopefully we can think of something “. So I asked him if they didn’t have a plan in place. Is t this sort of like repealing the ACA and needing time to come up with a viable replacement? “Yea, you always need time to adjust, nothing happens overnight, but you got to do something in the process”. Me:😗


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